Meniu Zile și Nopți
Articole Zile si Nopti Zile si Nopti

The Anatomy of a Cliche

Adapted for the stage and directed by: Chris Simion – Mercurian

Stage design: Maria Miu

Stage design assistant: Livia Vișănescu

Choreography: Ioana Macarie

Vocal coach: Ana Cebotari

You choose whether to accept the unpredictable or take refuge in illusions. Life is generous. Your best friend is cheating on you with your boyfriend or your boyfriend is cheating on you with your best friend.

What do you do? Do you seek revenge or do you understand them? A show about emotions, impulses, and expectations. About letting these feelings dominate us or turning them into vital energy that allows us to live on.

“It all started with reading a text by Doru Spătaru. A man who writes a feminist text which analyses the contradictory emotions of a woman finding herself the end of a relationship. This perspective is intriguing, isn’t it? In fact, it’s not just about women, it’s about people being confronted with betrayal, about how suffering unmasks and enables you to grow up, about illusions versus reality. And especially, it’s about very conscious and accepted choices, in times of utmost vulnerability.

Since the text is about women, I’ve given it a lot of thought and eventually I decided that the show should be also coordinated and directed by a woman, Chris Simion – Mercurian, and the stage design should also be done by another wonderful woman, Maria Miu. Alongside the two fellow actresses, I think, in fact, I am sure that our show will raise many questions for you.

Will it also offer any answers…? Enjoy the show!”    (Cristian Șofron, director of Stela Popescu Theatre)

Sursa: Teatrul Stela Popescu


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