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Cafein Arad

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Cafein Arad

Cafein Arad

Made for humans.

Hello everyone, our precious coffee shop just opened its doors for our guests and we are awaiting your arrival with excitement.

For us coffee is about connection and delivering to your needs the highest quality and service possible.


Drinking coffee is tradition, this tradition emerged from our need to connect with one another and bond over something, from the need to enjoy something. They are savored at home, during breaks, on the go and inside coffee shops where the smell and ambiance reminds all of us of the importance this drink has as a means to create ambiance.


It’s good news shared between friends over a cup of steamy coffee, sad news or happy moments.

Coffee is tradition, one that had no other connotations than people sharing with one another a glimpse of their lives.

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0752 785 876


L-V: 08:00 - 17:00 S: 10:00 - 14:00 D: INCHIS


Bulevardul Revoluției nr. 63, Arad

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