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VAGon – In(ter)disciplined space is a creative hub developed within the Malmaison Studios community. Originated in the artistic and research practices of duo Sabina Suru & Andrei Tudose, it works as a catalyst for cultural activities that tend to elude the realm of more established art spaces.

VAGon opens a cultural space for emerging and aspiring artists, encourages transdisciplinary collaborations, motivates experiment and searches for plausible alternatives within the art world. VAGon is an active and open space for people, for production, for working together and exhibiting.


Since its inception in early 2021, VAGon has been developing two frameworks:

  • dissemination & collaboration platform – working as a hybrid artist-run exhibition space, it welcomes young and/or underrepresented artists and other practitioners, alike, to present their work in a way that involves the public directly, through interactive or participatory installation, video and performance, educational projects.


  • applied research / lab – through the incognito holography lab, hosted in the same space, where the cofounders collaborate with artists, scientists and other cultural agents, exploring alternative approaches to analogue and experimental holography.

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Marți: 16.00 Miercuri: 16.00 Joi: 16.00 Vineri: 16.00 Sâmbătă: 13.00 Duminică: 13.00


Atelierele Malmaison, etaj 2, aripa stanga, Calea Plevnei 137C, București 060011

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