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Imagine this.

America. 1920 ‘till 1933. Speakeasy clubs in New York City with american gangsters and regular folks, trying to pass the nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages. Dancing charleston, the hot, sweet, and syncopated sounds of the Jazz Age.

Now come back.

You’re in Cluj. Year 2017 and us, trying to reproduce that feeling from the 20’s. Putting together a place inspired by the so called „speakeasy”, small and elegant, with a spectacular onyx to host some of the famous cocktails of prohibition, hats from the most famous american gangsters and (of course) stories spoken easy.

Soul drink and spirits.

Take your friends, your girlfriends or your business partners and enjoy a night out. We promise you one thing: you’re gonna find a little bit of soul in everything we have. Funk and soul classics, events and cocktails to die for. That’s it.


Since we’re almost a speakeasy, we do recommend a reservation: +40 751 193 597

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L-D: 15:00-01:00


str. Sindicatelor 9-13



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