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Junkyard Recycled Pub

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Junkyard Recycled Pub truly lives up to its name: the bar is made up of several elements ‘recycled’ from other venues in town – even the pallets are reused. Also expect to see loads of scrap metal objects used as decorations, old oil barrels as stylish armchairs and an overall atmosphere of chique chaos throughout the venue. But even if you’re not impressed with this clever use of junkyard class, you’ll definitely LOVE their vibe. The bar has set out to be a social hub of sorts, and actively encourages guests to socialize and make friends, something that probably wouldn’t happen in any other bar. So even just going up to the bartender and ordering a beer can be a pathway to a conversation with someone new, which, if you ask us, is perfect for anyone in Cluj for the first time and looking to make so great memories.

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L-V: 10:00-01:00 S-D: 12:00-01:00


Strada Ștefan Octavian Iosif 4

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