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Vánočka – Czech Christmas Party

Vánočka - Czech Christmas Party
Christmas the Czech way is full of traditions, food, peace and family gatherings.
The pre-Christmas period, Advent, culminates on Christmas Eve, December 24th. During the day, Czech carols are sung, vánočka and Christmas sweets are baked, the Christmas tree is decorated, and potato salad and carp schnitzel are prepared for the Christmas Eve dinner.
There are also many superstitions and traditions associated with Czech Christmas: apple slicing, shoe throwing and tiny boats from nutshells.
Come to the Czech Centre Bucharest to discover the Czech Christmas traditions, taste Czech sweets and drinks and find out why Czechs cut apples.


  •  kahoot quiz focused on Czech Christmas
  •  trying out Czech Christmas traditions:​​​​
    ㅤapple slicing
    ㅤshoe throwing
    ㅤmaking boats out of nutshells
    ㅤvánočka knitting
  • competition for the best decorated gingerbread
  • singing Czech carols
  • pantomime of Christmas proverbs
  •  karaoke of Christmas songs and carols
The entrance is free! Kids are welcome!

Sursa: Facebook Centrul Ceh (Czech Centre Bucharest)


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