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The Exquisite Excellence Quiz @ Aftăr Hours

The Exquisite Excellence Quiz

The Exquisite Excellence Quiz @ Aftăr Hours

The title of this quiz was inspired by online dialogue with intellectually challenged people. Because this is how life is. At THE Pub Quiz in Aftăr Hours you’ll find quite the opposite, as the good stuff is at home with us. Just come and let’s cut the BS!

Reservations through our quiz master in our FB group, link below! Keep in mind that regular teams have permanently reserved tables.

THE Pub Quiz is a general knowledge game between teams of Friends, it happens every Tuesday since more than 13 years, is definitely the longest running pub quiz in the city and very likely in the entire country too.

Winners are eligible for prizes only if they stay until the end; very important!

For other, more detailed, information, please read the fine print below!

Remember that smartphones are still the most hated accessory of the establishment, just in case you were wondering!

You can follow info regarding THE Pub Quiz in our Facebook group here:

THE Pub Quiz in the local media:

This is The OG Pub Quiz, version 8.0 and a very promising one again! We gather weekly since 2009 and we just moved to Aftăr Hours, in the middle of the city, where space is generous.

We’re THE Original, in a 13+ year long tradition, and the only English-speaking Pub Quiz in town, well-known to locals, always open to new foreign guests. Still in the heart of the city, still fun and still by Friends for Friends and Friends to be.

Business as usual on Tuesdays. Make sure to call for a table, if you don’t have a permanently reserved one yet!

All Pub Quiz participants get a 10% discount on items in the menu. You can also expect some nice surprises from our sponsors. Plus the odd bonus throughout the year, ‘cos who knows?

The Exquisite Excellence Quiz-(Quiz starts at 19:00, just like always. Please fly in on time!)

Regular teams will have permanently reserved tables.

The Exquisite Excellence Quiz: For extra reservations, please send us a message on Facebook!

The Exquisite Excellence Quiz: For other happenings, please check Aftăr Hours’ Facebook page:

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