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Synesthesia – Dréa – ABMR – JMG

What would be the sound without the color or without someone to hear it?

Synesthesia is bringing together two forms of art that are interconnected, music and painting. While the Dj, Dréa Yang, will showcase her chill-out eclectic sound, Horváth Tamás and Radu will jam organically with drums and a didgeridoo and Raluca Pelin (abrainwithmanyrroms), the artist, will paint the feelings that are coming out of her while listening.

Through this event, we want to merge the ambiance of a cultural exposition without limiting any participant in any way. From goose bumps to chaotic moves of the body, anything can happen in a safe space where authenticity and self-expression can come out. It can be a form of therapy, a way of having fun, or something that couldn’t be imagined before experiencing it.

The event will start at 20:00 flowing until the bar closes.

The ticket will be 25 RON available at the entrance.

See you at the Synesthesia experience!

Sursa: Atelier Cafe


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