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Speed Quiz – Marvel Cinematic

Join us on the 15th June at Mojo as we host a Speed Quiz devoted to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Questions will cover films, TV and cartoons starting with Iron Man (2008) up to the present day.

Speedquizzing is a completely new way to enjoy a trivia night. Each team uses their own tablet/smartphone and our SpeedQuiz app. All the devices will be connected to our central hub where we will control the questions! We can also supply you with a ‘ready to play’ tablet on the night if you need one (on a first come, first served basis).

Just like our normal quiz, you still get to choose your own team name, but now you also choose your own Marvel themed ‘buzzer sound’ which will play every time you are the fastest team to answer! Following the Quiz, you will also get a bonus game of Sing Along Bingo, with a chance to win even more prizes!

We have lots of themed prizes and surprises to give away on the night, and not just to the smartest teams, so gather your pals, and enter a team now. Space is limited, and our last superhero quiz sold out, so be quick!

To book, please email Teams can be a maximum of 6 people, and entry is 40 Lei per person. Patreon supporters can receive free/reduced price entry and you can join our supporters at

Sursa: Mojo/ facebook