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+SHE+ video launch @ Control Club

+SHE+ video launch

+SHE+ video launch @ Control Club


As a bridge between Katerina’s two worlds a new song & a new video +SHE+ appears, and two other tracks from the album ,,Katerina Molotov” also transform and become the new keys through which she can access our world.


,,Katerina Molotov has been my imaginary friend since I was 5 years old. I created her and saw it until I was 7 years old. Then I saw her again when she was 16 and she was the same age as me. In 2013 I found out her name, and in 2016 she appeared at a festival among the trees. In the fall of 2021 I started seeing her again on the streets around my house and she started visiting me in dreams. She had bird claws in her hair. These would symbolize the passage between the worlds. I think she has some kind of keys that she can use to travel through time and between worlds.

This project “+SHE+” started at 5 years old. That’s when I started composing Katerina’s songs and poems. This second album is the reason why I started composing music. These nine songs are about Katerina, our relationship, and the thoughts we shared. +SHE+ started with Katerina Molotov. +SHE+ is Katerina Molotov. I am Corina Sucarov.

Each +SHE+ album has its own entity. It sounds, looks and feels different. Albums cannot be played together.

The album is inspired by my childhood and the life I have lived so far. The look approached is one that reflects characters I saw in the family + what I later experienced in a continuous struggle for survival.

This album is dark, depressing, deep, sexual and danceable.” – Corina Sucarov


Drama-Pop, Dark-wave & post-punk.


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