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shame (UK) @ Control Club

shame (UK)

shame (UK) @ Control Club


English post-punks

English post-punks shame will play for the first time in Romania this autumn – November 18 at Control Club – as part of a worldwide tour to promote their latest album, “Food for Worms“.

shame were tourists in their own adolescence – and nothing was quite like the postcard. The freefall of their early twenties, in all its delight and disaster, was tangled up in being hailed one of post-punk’s greatest hopes. In 2018, they took their incendiary debut album “Songs of Praise” for a cross-continental joyride for almost 350 relentless nights.

If “Songs of Praise” was fuelled by pint-sloshing teenage vitriol, then “Drunk Tank Pink“, released in 2021, delved into a different kind of intensity. Wading into uncharted musical waters, emboldened by their wit and earned cynicism, they created something with the abandon of a band who had nothing to lose.


Food for Worms – the Lamborghini of shame records

Having forced their way through their second album’s identity crisis, they arrive, finally, at a place of hard-won maturity. Enter: “Food for Worms” (2023), which Steen declares to be “the Lamborghini of shame records.” For the first time, the band are not delving inwards, but seeking to capture the world around them. “I don’t think you can be in your own head forever,” says Steen.

The band recorded “Food for Worms” while playing festivals all over Europe, invigorated by the strength of the reaction their new material was met with. That live energy, what it’s like to witness shame in their element, is captured perfectly on record – like lightning in a bottle. They called upon renowned producer Flood (Nick Cave, U2, Foals) to execute their vision.

It also marks a sonic departure from anything they’ve done before. shame have abandoned their post-punk beginnings for far more eclectic influences, drawing from the tense atmospherics of Merchandise, the sharp yet uncomplicated lyrical observations of Lou Reed and the more melodic works of 90s German band, Blumfeld.


The British rockers’ third album peels away from the talky post-punk pack, emphasizing melody, ramshackle piano, and reflections on friendship.” – Pitchfork

Londoners expand their horizons: the band’s third album packs all the punk punches with sharp lyricism, high-octane playing, and smart production” – NME

The south London band’s third outing rumbles with all the mayhem of their live shows” – The Independent


Tickets are now available here

Presale: 85 lei (first 50 tickets) Afterwards, the price will go up to 100 lei per ticket.


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