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Platforma Wolff • Jijian, Personne • Kennedy, Euggn

Fri • 20 lei


Energetic and famed duo, Alexandru Jijian & Personne, are in for their first all nighter at our DJ Bar. Expect rough electronica to dominate a set otherwise filled with techno, electro, acid and (ware)house gems.

Sat • 30 lei


Exploring Amsterdam’s bubbly club and festival scene further with an intervention from another complete selector from the Dutch school of DJs.

Pushing wax at Red Light Records, being part of the Music From Memory team and running his own Dream Machine imprint have all equipped Kennedy with plenty knowledge and make him the trusted face he is today.

Specialised in but not limited to house and disco, Kennedy stays true to the sound of the past while remaining open to the future and always timeless. He’s been submerged in records and dancing for over two decades now having first learnt from the classic US school which inspired him to tell musical stories that call on both the body and soul.

Preferring extended over transient, his thoughtfully selected DJ sets are as balanced as they are dynamic, and come with little hassle and lots of love. You can dance, if you want to.

Playing alonside Kennedy is local sound explorer Euggn.

Events take place outdoors.

Tickets will be available on the night at the door only.

Bars open at 20:00 hours. DJs in the booth at 22:00.

Danley Sound Labs system in place.

Platforma Wolff is an electronic music oriented DJ Bar in Bucharest, with a passion for rare finds and clean sound. We are an intimate locale where both our favourite performers and patrons feel at home.

1, Dr. Constantin Istrati Street

Access through Expirat Halele Carol

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