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OUCH showcase w/ Cashmiri, Bianca Mocan, Noidzsh & Softboi Beni @ Control Club

OUCH showcase w/ Cashmiri, Bianca Mocan, Noidzsh & Softboi Beni

OUCH showcase w/ Cashmiri, Bianca Mocan, Noidzsh & Softboi Beni @ Control Club


Ouch Collective is a dynamic musical platform and community dedicated to amplifying predominantly female voices across the global music spectrum, transcending genres and boundaries, hosted by Bianca Mocan, Andria Obor and Madalina Gaceanu.

At its core, Ouch is a trailblazer, challenging industry conventions by spotlighting and supporting women artists, illustrating that the stage is vast and accommodating for a multitude of talents. Beyond its artistic mission, the collective has transformed into a global nexus of friends, music insiders, event enthusiasts turned DJs, and individuals from diverse backgrounds. What unites them all is a shared passion for hip-hop culture and a profound love for music as a whole.


Ouch nurtures a shared sense of belonging, serves as a unifying force for creative expression, spanning a rich tapestry of genres, ranging from hip-hop’s inception to its most intricate contemporary variations.

Beyond the collective’s deep-rooted connection to hip-hop, from classic old-school and 90s rap to soul, R&B, and the ever-evolving contemporary soundscape, Ouch’s core emphasis lies on exploring the latest industry trends, aiming to align with and explore various musical styles and genres.

Ouch is not merely a DJ collective, it is a movement that empowers and embraces musical diversity.



Miriam Davoudvandi was born and partly raised in Bucharest by a Romanian mother and an Iranian father. Living in Berlin she became one of Germany’s award-wining and most relevant music journalists, making a name for herself especially in the German rap music scene. Under her alias Cashmiri she is merging her musical knowledge as a DJ and played almost every German club and festival, highlighting her DJ career with a boiler room set. Her sets accumulate her balcanic and middle eastern roots with electronic music such as bass, garage, jungle and of course rap music.


Bianca Mocan

Bianca is a full-time visual artist and part-time playing with music at Ouch Collective. She’s passionate about highlighting emerging artists from minority groups and pushing boundaries in the industry, showing that there is room for more than a handful of artists on the scene. Her inspiration comes from the culture of her generation and the irony of the society where she belongs to, always infused with a touch of sensitivity.



Noidzsh is a musical selector and explorer. Through a combination of productions, DJ sets and radio shows, he aims at bringing forth and meshing together leftfield and obscure sounds of the electronic music spectrum. Be it UK bass, Chicago footwork, jungle, electro, IDM or many other genres, he strives to find unity in diversity and expose it to the world.


Softboi Beni

A multidisciplinary creative who juggles between design, visual arts and music, drawing inspiration from skateboarding and post internet cultures. Being a producer as well, over the years, Beni elevated his music tastes and skills, influenced by genres like RnB, trap, grunge, jersey club and heavy metal.


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