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Odyssey Sessions w/ Nastia (dnb set)

Odyssey Sessions presents Nastia (dnb set)
Alongside her we bring you our house residents Ellen and Joule
In addition to house and techno, Nastia is a true fan of jungle and drum and bass music and has included these genres in her performances since 2007.
All these years, Nastia’s activities were aimed at popularizing Ukrainian culture and local artists, which made her the face of the Ukrainian electronic music scene on the global stage.
Join us on this new journey where we’ll explore the deeper side of drum and bass, jungle and breaks. Every sesssion is carefully curated by our team in order to have a meaningful, conceptualized project.
Our mission is to change the perspective on this scene and show the beautiful complexity of it.
In colaboration with Control Club and with the support of our beloved community, we are ready to showcase the true power of this genre.
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