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Legendary Karaoke @ Legend Pub

Legendary Karaoke

Legendary Karaoke @ Legend Pub

Karaoke: where words fail, music speaks. 

Do you love singing in the shower but now you are ready to show your talent to everyone else? This is your chance to sing with us like there’s no tomorrow!

Whether you want to feel like Beyonce under the spotlight for one night or test your rap skills in front of a fun crowd, come to our legendary Karaoke night.

If you’re missing some courage, our bartenders can fix that with some shots.

Please have in mind these following things before attending Karaoke:

if you wanna sing you’ll have to sign up with your name and the song you’ve chosen before 11 pm the Karaoke program starts at 11 pm and ends at 12:30.

Sing it loud, sing it proud!

MC Gina and Dj Maruska will be there to entertain you!

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