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Kult presents Caramela & Mozar

Full tilt night action with Caramela and partner in-crime Mozar, in the main room. Dress pretty, play dirty.
As an Art graduate, Caramela couldn’t stay away from music, either. The local Trap Queen based in Romania loves few things more than partying, so expect her vibe to make you live it up in the club on the trendiest beats.
Part of her origins, she has oriental rhythm in her blood and we doubt you’ll resist getting in sync with her sensual moves while she’s blasting eastern-influence songs through the speakers.
Mozar is a gorgeous model and a stylist with syrian origins. When she doesn’t dive into fashion, the boss babe follows her passion for R&b music which led her to also fall in love with mixing. Always ready to party, always ready to get others in the mood for partying. Nostalgia animates a crowd, so expect her to also get you dancing to her favorite 2000s hits.
Front Control:
Head honcho of Odyssey Sessions &, Ellen supports the local scene and drum & bass artists. With her years of experience in the drum & bass scene, it was inevitable that she would start mixing. Currently, she is ready to share her music and knowledge of music gathered with the public. Jungle & breaks – her secret weapons!
A disturbed electronic music producer/dj, lurking along thin and dark rhythm,towards a deeper and dirty part of the spectrum.
Sursa: Control Club