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Jetlagged w/ Budino, Vio PRG

Budino ////

For some DJs, music will forever be in the foreground of their mind; every free moment is spent searching for new music or conceiving ways to blend new discoveries. Italian born Budino is one of these DJs, hers is a constant quest for fresh material to weave in her sets – sets that exist in clubbers minds as glorious psychedelic tapestries sewn from dark trance-inducing beats, tribal percussion and rich cosmic textures. Given this dedication and dexterity it’s unsurprising that praise is heaped so readily on Budino’s sets. After moving to Berlin and playing throughout the city since the age of eighteen, she was soon co-running the party series Oscillator at the now defunct and much lamented iconic club Griessmühle, along with its sister vinyl only label. She soon became a mainstay behind the decks at the infamous institution of queer hedonism that is Cocktail d’Amore and has since held a residency there for many years. With a diligence to seek out the perfect music for every moment, Budino has spent many years honing her craft creating unique edits that breathe versatility into the music she has dug deep to find. This often means when you hear her play, it may well be the only moment ever in which will you ever hear that version. However, a handful of these edits have seen the light of day on New York vinyl label JustWhatTheWorldNeeds. Budino has also been responsible for curating the fourth edition of Love International festival’s compilation series ‘The Sound of Love International’’. It reflects her interpretation of the ideal soundtrack for an endless and idyllic day into the night on the beaches of Tisno on the Adriatic coast, nodding to her comprehensive taste as a selector. With her enthusiasm, devotion and impeccable ear for music, Budino continues to go from strength to strength as a DJ and has plenty more of her passion to share with dance floors around the world.


Vio PRG (she / they) ///

Violeta has spent the last 10 years roaming the full spectrum of the music industry, from her early days as an event organiser and journalist in her native Bucharest to the front lines of the Berlin scene as a DJ, radio host, writer and DJ tutor. Her Flight Mode show on Refuge Worldwide radio is a passionate crate dig, always on the lookout for weird and wonderful balearic, disco and afrobeat. A 90’s kid, she brings that nostalgia into her sets, playing old school house and techno paired with fresh releases from leftfield labels and classics alike.

entry fee:30 RON

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