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Jenny Richter

Born and raised in Prague, Jonny Richter would eventually follow his heart to the prairies and plains of the American West. There he’d fall in love with traditional country and folk music, but especially the Delta blues, and return home with enough inspiration to launch Hog Ranch.
Jonny kicked the tubes and transistors out of his old amp. He replaced them with the crumpled up husk of a 318-cubic inch motor ripped through the throat of an 1940 Dodge Wrecker. Found himself a hellfire red hollow-body guitar sanded from the old Oak tree where Woodie Guthrie carved his name and died. Its tuning pegs fashioned out of Nick Cave’s baby teeth.
Now Jonny plays from the cradle of a blister beech rocking chair as his shadow tiptoes down the stairs. His strings slide like some revolver’s whirling cylinder. His voice rattles like a coyote scrambled under the wheels of industry. His lyrics are swollen and sizzled. His eyes gone black.

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