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Groovy Disco w. Eugen Rădescu & Irina Marinescu

Groovy Disco
  • Open doors: 22.00h [Berlin room]


On the 8th of December, the charming fashion designer & visual artist Irina Marinescu joins the series of Groovy Disco powered by George, confessing once again her admiration for the recycled pieces of art, this time through a musical journey.

Back-to-back with Eugen Rădescu, she`ll give the twist to the disco dj set that will keep the audience dancing from dusk till dawn for the 7th edition of this season!


Groovy Disco is a series that challenges us to dive, through an international and local soundtrack, into the atmosphere of the parties organised back in the 70s, 80s or 90s, spiced up by a glam flavour of the year 2000. Its daring musical flash backs are further on intensified by the special light design and the video-mapping that extends the scenery to a futuristic visual dimension.

Irina Marinescu is a Romanian born and based visual artist, with a vast background in fashion and costume design. Irina started her journey as a Visual Artist with pencil and graphite drawings, exploring the limits of her own technique, capturing the gestures and stillness of certain moments in time, transforming them into memories.

Each of her fashion collections bring to light the complexity of her universe, her inner thoughts, desires & experiences. Using an uncompromised sincerity of graphic lines and stories, Irina gives form to a fine cut design that seems detached but also sensitive and sensual at the same time. Her clothing or costume series often lure us into grey, dark blue or black and white unpredictable voyages. She always follows her own path, doesn`t adopt the intense usage of colours even if that`s against the trend.

Irina Marinescu`s style is equally praised at an international and Romanian level and the works she produces are appreciated by the fashion but also the cinema industry, as she has also worked as a costume creator for theatre actors and movies – one of the most famous being ` The Child`s Position” directed by Călin Peter Netzer that won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 2013.

On the dancefloor of Control, Irina Marinescu will combine her romantic side with her adventurous alter ego, bringing to the attention of the Groovy Disco audience some spicy songs that perfectly complement the delightful musical performance of Eugen Rădescu.


Eugen Rădescu is cultural manager and a curator with background in art and politics relation, queer strategies and social dichotomies. He wrote for various international or local magazines and newspapers. He curated, among others, Bucharest Biennale 1 (2005), the exhibitions “How Innocent Is That?”, “Common Nostalgia” at Pavilion or “Hidden Shadows/Roma stories” at Mobius Gallery in Bucharest. He is co-editor of PAVILION – journal for politics and culture, co-director of the Bucharest Biennale and the chairman of the organisational board of PAVILION and BUCHAREST BIENNALE.

He is a member of the selection board at apexart NYC. He held different lectures at several institutions such as apexart – New York, Badisher Kunstverein, Karlshrue, Casa Encedida – Madrid; Paris Photo, Paris, Gulbenkian Centre, Lisabona, Kunsthalle, Viena, Gagnef, Suedia.

Eugen Rădescu published the book “How Innocent Is That?” at Revolver Book, Berlin (2009) and “QUEER. Illustrated history” at Black Button Book (2019), Bucharest, ”Intersectional Feminism” – (coord. by Olivia Nițiș), KWEST, Berlin, Germany (2021).


  • Entrance fee: 20 RON

Tickets will only be available at the entrance, on the night of the event.

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