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Green Onions Experience @ Zazen

Green Onions Experience

Green Onions Experience @ Zazen

Green Onions Experience – The boys’ grooves are waiting for your moves!

Guest: Abrupt

Atmosphere filled with energy and sweat is going to be pumped through the drum membranes straight into your bones while funky bass lines and heavy rhythm guitar riffs oblige your muscles to dance.
All the while prepare to have your mind set in a dreaming state by slide guitar solos and melodies, all entagled in a tale with an illusioning saxophone.
Green Onions Experience – Come and give in to the catharsis of a fierce dream-infusing dance with the band and, of course, don’t forget to drink a few with us before, during and after the show!
Abrupt is a rock band from Cluj Napoca, founded in the summer of 2023 by Vlad Onija (guitar,vocals), Robert Dobai (bass) and Claudiu Stan (drums).
Currently, their style consists in mostly rock tones with a jazz-blues influence.
The band impresses with their complex rhythmic qualities, melodic solos and sudden interruptions. Thus, creating a unique and interesting audible experience, certainly not heard before within the country’s music scene.
Elevi/Studenti – 25 RON
Presale – 30 RON
La intrare – 40 RON

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