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Golan @ Form Space


Golan @ Form Space

GOLAN is an electronic-acoustic band, formed in Bucharest, Romania.

The group is best known for being one of the first local acts that combine electronical music with acoustic instruments, vocal melodies and sampling in this unique way.

Their musical backgrounds mix in classic and jazz influences, melodic compositions and songwriting with contemporary electronic music.

Formed in 2013, the group has had one of the quickest ascents in the Romanian electronic music scene. Winners of the “Best Electro” award in 2014, given by “Sunete” magazine, they became instant headliners all over the country.

Since 2015, Golan had numerous performances all across Europe.

In March 2016, Golan also had the first European tour since their debut. The release concert for the “Intro” album also debuted a new performance format for the band, called “Golan Symphonic”.

This format is a mix between a forty to sixty piece orchestra and the Golan members.

Currently, the group has established itself into the party scene, drawing a lot of audience to its hybrid set. This performance combines infectious house and minimal influenced grooves with live bass playing , live synthesizers and live vocals in an electrifying 2-3 hours set.

This event is 18+ or accompanied by parents or legal guardians.

Invites are available until MIDNIGHT.

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