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DUAL presents: Bawrut & Nick Höppner

::: Bawrut:::
Bawrut is a Madrid-based, Italian-born producer and DJ.
Heavily influenced by the work of Chicago pioneers, established European teachers and every sound he can find on the internet or during digging sessions, Bawrut’s taste toes a wonderfully balanced line between classics and brand-new tracks.
Since the early hits ‘Ciquita’ and ‘Rumba’, he received heavy support from Kink, Axel Boman, and Erol Alkan. Mixmag, DJ Mag, Test Pressing, and Data Transmission also proclaimed him as one of the freshest producers and DJs.
Becoming a resident at the legendary Mondo Disko in Madrid, he shaped his taste and style trough his music and “the art of warm-up” + “the closing,” sharing the booth with tons of different acts from disco to techno.
::: Nick Höppner :::
Residing in his home of choice and calling, Berlin, Nick Höppner skillfully balances, explores, and contributes to a dramatically wide range of musical professions, proving him to be one of the backbones of today’s House and Techno underground.
Always telling a tale, weaving an exciting path across his chosen musical spectrum – whether its a tough, raw and energetic House- party set, a dramatic big-room Techno adventure, or anything in between – Nick’s mature, confident approach and depth of character sets him apart from his contemporaries behind the decks.
In Front Control: Călin & Moss Farai
  • Entry fee: 30 RON

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