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Digital Leather (US) • Nestter Donuts (ES) • The Nuggers (RO) • INSRT RAW

Open doors: 19:00

Live: 20:00


INSRT RAW, readuce niște punk la Expirat, Halele Carol. Digital Leather (US) și Nestter Donuts (ES), pentru prima dată în România, urcă pe scenă cu prietenii de la The Nuggers.

Digital Leather

Digital Leather (USA) is an underground electro-punk project led by Shawn Foree. With over 30 releases, Digital Leather has managed to develop a unique style that borrows from groups like Depeche Mode, Joy Divion, Soft Moon, Coil, etc. His style is so wild, he has been called “the Bowie of synthpunk.” Foree has collaborated with Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst, Todd Fink of The Faint, and the late Jay Reatard to name a few. The sound of Digital Leather is always evolving. Foree’s latest LP, Tales from The King, is a crucial landmark in that development. With whirring synthesizers, bleak, electronic landscapes, and passionate vocals, Tales from The King is possibly Foree’s most exciting work. Live performances have proven to be an evil good time.

Nestter Donuts

Based in south Spain, Nester was introduced to rock n roll night life and bands touring circuit late 2017 as opening act for Reverend Beatman, who that night offered Nester to do a record for his well known in the 5 continents trash record label Voodoo Rhythm. His alter ego became quickly an underground surprise in the garage scene for many nudity onstage, big Donut’s food battles at the shows and obscene interaction with crowd so he toured no-stop for 3 years all around Europe with a tight-ass-dress, handmade Donut patches to sell and his guitar & cymbals.

The Nuggers

The Nuggers are a garage rock n' roll 5-piece from Bucharest, Romania started around 2010 or something. They are pretty loud & fast and they use to write about profound themes like: booze, nonsenses & depravation.
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