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CreativeMornings | Anca Ungureanu on ENDURANCE @ FABER

CreativeMornings | Anca Ungureanu on ENDURANCE @ FABER

CreativeMornings | Anca Ungureanu on ENDURANCE @ FABER

Honoured and humbled to have been asked to announce our October theme. Yes, our theme. We chose the Global theme this month, and it represents the world behind the marathons of community work we have started back in 2006. ENDURANCE. So much to say about it, and we’re sooooo eager to see all the talks this month from our dear @creativemorning / CreativeMornings chapters across the globe.

What better Artist to illustrate this than our dear friend, Ana Kun, part of our community from the start, also a CreativeMornings Speaker and amazing creative.

We will have a very special event this month, starting with our guest speaker – Anca Ungureanu, a daytime celebration with Newgotti & delicious goodies by Noemi

Book October 20th in your calendars!

Endurance is the unwavering flame that burns within us, illuminating a path through darkness and uncertainty. It is the quiet strength that emerges when challenges test our limits, urging us to push beyond what we thought possible. Endurance is not a mere moment but a relentless spirit that whispers, “keep going” when the world feels heavy.

Life’s journey is marked by peaks and valleys, and it is endurance that sustains us during the uphill climbs. It teaches us that setbacks are not defeats but stepping stones towards growth and resilience. With each obstacle we conquer, our spirits grow stronger, and our determination becomes unshakable.

In a world that values instant gratification, endurance is a reminder that the most rewarding victories are born from patience and perseverance. It is the ability to rise, even when we fall, and to embrace the transformative power of persistence. So, let us celebrate the tenacity that resides within us, for in the face of adversity, it is endurance that leads us towards the summit of our potential.

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