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Control 15 | David Vunk & VRIL @ Control Club

Control 15 | David Vunk & VRIL

Control 15 | David Vunk & VRIL @ Control Club


Supporintg acts:

Jijian in Berlin Room

Ana Satana & Cliza in Front Control


David Vunk

David Vunk is a renowned name in the electronic music scene, known for his infectious energy and eclectic sound that effortlessly blends elements of electro, techno, and house. With a career spanning over two decades, he’s been a driving force behind the Dutch underground music scene and has taken his signature beats to renowned clubs and festivals worldwide.



Hailing from Germany, VRIL is a true pioneer in the techno and electronic music scene. Known for his hypnotic, atmospheric soundscapes and otherworldly performances, he has carved a unique space in the world of electronic music. With a discography that’s nothing short of mesmerizing, he’s a true maestro of sonic exploration.


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