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Concert | Crazy Little Queen Tribute Band @ M2

Concert | Crazy Little Queen Tribute Band @ M2

Concert | Crazy Little Queen Tribute Band @ M2

open doors: 19:00
concert starts: 21:00

Crazy Little Queen (HU)

In summer 2017 a new Hungarian tribute band was formed, our intention was not less then to cheer up music loving people with the songs of the legendary band, Queen. On the 5th of October 2017 we made our debut concert in Backstage Pub, where the audience could hear Don’t Stop Me Now, Somebody to Love, We Are The Champions and of course the song that gave the band’s name: Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

The members of the band are quite different guys, but all of us are huge Queen fans for many years and that’s what brings us together. In the lead singer position we got ex-Megastar Giorgio. On lead guitar Miklos Jurisits, on bass Tamás Kajtár, on drums Gergely Kovács, on the keyboards Tamás Balikó can be seen and heard by the audience.

So the singer of the band Giorgio says: we wanted to play something we love very much, something that is a great pleasure and a challenge for us. There are a lot of music of this kind but the music of Queen is the best choice among them – just think of that Queen was not only fantastic in songwriting but also brilliant in live performance. We selected the Queen songs that we love and that make us happy when playing them. Furthermore there would be hardly any bigger challenge than elaborate the songs of Queen to sound enjoyable and credible, so it’s full of excitement.

And if finally it’s going to be something that the audience enjoys, than it’s the icing on the cake for us!

Guitarist of the band Miklos Jurisits belongs to the generation that experienced when Queen songs came out, so he says: When a new Queen song went on the radio, it was a cathartic experience, we recorded them immediately onto a tape cassette. As a guitar player Brian May has always been my Idol, if I was asked to play something on the guitar, there was We Will Rock You solo a piece with which I could surely impress my friends. With my bands I have played a lot in pubs, clubs, biker festivals and there were always one or two Queen songs on our set list. I’m glad that I can play these songs again and also many others that I always wanted to play.

Artist support: 30 lei

Sursa: Facebook – Manufactura



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