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Christian Pabst Trio (DE/IT)

Goethe Institut-București & Green Hours prezintă la Institutul Liszt (Centrul Cultural Maghiar București): Christian Pabst Trio
  • Christian Pabst – piano
  • Francesco Pierotti – double bass
  • Lorenzo Brilli – drums


German pianist and composer Christian Pabst loves to travel to imaginary places. This time, he goes to Balbec – the famous city that you won’t find on any map and the literary inspiration for the new exhilarating abum.
With Balbec, Christian Pabst confirms his artistic identity by exhibiting an impressive command of the piano, a melodic sensibility and rhythmical fireworks that make you want to travel with him to one of those secret imaginary places right away.
I want to create music that speaks to the heart and the mind alike” – Christian Pabst
“Christian Pabst’s music, full of lyricism, elegant ornamentation, craftsmanship, but also with a strong and clear concept, is a work that impacts all of our senses. With every sound, the listener envisions the most beautiful and warmest images – a bright and happy place knowing no sadness or fear – our private Balbec.” – Babsikem Uchem, Poland

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Sursa: Institutul Liszt București