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Cabinet pres. Nathan Joy + Eddie Lanzat & Nek

Nathan Joy is a legendary DJ in the bask country. In his 20 years in the game, he has played in many parties and in many countries.

Resident dj and promoter of the Carré Coast in Biarritz, where he resides, Nathan brings together in the elegant city of the Basque coast the elite of DJs from around the world, from Pachanga Boys to Ivan Smagghe, from Red Axes to Vladimir Ivkovic or again from DJ Tennis to Jennifer Cardini.

His sets are journeys through time and space, with allusions to Africa and a few other corners of the globe. References from the past that mingle with the sounds of the future in a way that only he could ever bring together … Deep, psychedelic and timeless.

Eddie Lanzat & Nek will join forces alongside Nathan. With an aesthetic sense drawn to the “noir” side of music and a never-ending love for 80s inspired sounds and psychedelic music, Eddie Lanzat’s releases on Nein Records, Emerald & Doreen Recordings and Dogs & Vultures Records felt like a natural thing to do for the Control Club resident.

Besides the reckless experimentation under various aliases and playing all-nighters or joining the lineup on some occasions at venues such as Kater Blau, Crack Bellmer or La Rotonde Stalingrad, he takes care of ‘Cabinet’, a party co-curated alongside Nek.

entry fee: 30 ron

Sursa: Control Club/ facebook