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Cabana Libre & The Rabbit King

Cabana Libre is a non-profit cultural association of local and international artists that strives to transform unique locations into alternate universes, through their love for music, decorations and bringing people together.

Ruxandra is a Romanian Nomad, with a passion for finding unique event locations, and dirty bass lines. She loves experimenting with different genres, as her journey brought her to live in 5 different countries (so far), where she got introduced to their unique styles, from which she picked her favorite elements. She’s a sucker for the dark side, so get ready for a ride on the waves of the sub bass and nostalgic vocals. Her music style? Libérésque.

Cabana is Dutch musical voyeur who’s style can best be described as Groovy Tribal & Funk. As a Nomad he’s been exploring across continents for cultural expression through music and integrating it into his sets. When Cabana gets on stage he will take you on an adventure of his latest travels and experiences, sharing with you the love he’s encountered along the way.

Passion is the driving force behind everything Cabana does, and it has allowed him to prioritize quality at every step. He’s inspired by artists such as Adam Port, Palms Trax and CC:Disco! for their ability to mesmerize a crowd.

book a table: 0743 951 060

Sursa: Terasa Baraka