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Black Rhino Residency • Maică-Ta, Pseudub, Phoneme, Mighty Boogie, Dumbo, Mi-tzu, Yardie Flo @ Control Club

Black Rhino Residency • Maică-Ta, Pseudub, Phoneme, Mighty Boogie, Dumbo, Mi-tzu, Yardie Flo

Black Rhino Residency • Maică-Ta, Pseudub, Phoneme, Mighty Boogie, Dumbo, Mi-tzu, Yardie Flo @ Control Club


We’ve reached our last residency in Control Club this season. This session is unique to us as it brings forward Black Rhino Radio broadcasters from Timisoara. From dub to breaks and garage to drum and bass, we put out a night that slowly raises the tempo, constructing and promoting Timisoara’s underground sound.



22:00 – 00:00 Maică-ta b2b Pseudub (Dub set)

00:00 – 01:00 Phoneme (Breaks, Garage set)

01:00 – 03:00 Mighty Boogie b2b Dumbo (D’n’B set)

03:00 – 04:00 Mitzu (Drumfunk, Jungle set)

04:00 – end b2b2b



DumBo is a DJ based in Timisoara who started mixing in 2011 and won the TM: DJ Challenge soon after in 2012. After winning the contest, he was supported by its organizers and became involved in the local drum and bass scene. In a very short time, he ended up on the same stage as international headliners and other DJs from the country at various clubs and festivals.

He is the co-founder of Structure and Inner Motion and continues to support the local and Romanian drum and bass scene and culture.



Dropping beats across genres since 2017, keeping the vibes high and the dance floor packed. Timisoara-based Maică-ta recently debuted her solo show BAMF on Black Rhino Radio, coming once every four weeks.



Mi-tzu sees himself as the musical sum of all the genres that have ever touched his soul or stimulated his mind. Since 2012, when he started mixing, music has taken him from local bars and clubs to international festivals (Outlook Festival, 2017).

Whether he’s mixing jungle/drum and bass or turning into disco, house, or techno, he’s always trying to adapt to the moment and share the joy of listening to or dancing to a good tune with the public.


Mighty Boogie

Originally from Timisoara/Romania, Mighty Boogie is a DJ and producer who started his journey in 2006. His selection behind the decks is dynamic and eclectic, and his style is influenced by diverse genres like dub, early dancehall, jazz, 90ʼs hip hop, and jungle.

Mighty Boogie started releasing music in 2012, and their passion for producing pushed him to study Audio Engineering in Berlin. In 2021, he started a label called Sub Heroes, focussing on promoting new talent from his homeland. The label pushes a diverse sound, bouncing between jazzy and nostalgic hip-hop beats and jungle drum and bass tracks with deep and rolling bass lines.



Phoneme has been an active DJ for more than 20 years. He’s known for a sound full of energy and without compromise, mixing from breakbeat to garage and dubstep to jungle and drum and bass. He has hosted radio shows on BreaksFM radio (UK), SubFM, and Black Rhino Radio, and his DJ mixes have been broadcast by several international online radios.

Since 2017, Phoneme has been actively involved in promoting projects in Timisoara, demonstrating his commitment to the music scene. His initiatives include Bass Request and Sub:Control, both of which have gained significant traction. In 2019, he further expanded his influence with the launch of the City Breakz platform and concept.



Pseudub is a bass music veteran member of the Sub:Control collective based in Timisoara and host of the monthly Crossroads radio show on Black Rhino Radio. His sets blend deep basslines, mesmerizing synths and rastaman vocals, creating a captivating vibe that invites listeners to journey into sonic realms where they can lose themselves in the groove.


Yardie Flo

Yardie Flo first made his mark in the early 00s as a beatboxing pioneer. With a career spanning over 20 years, Flo is a highly respected vocal performer actively involved in the reggae, dub, and drum and bass scene.

Yardie Flo brings a wide spectrum of influences under his artistic manifestation (MC or DJ), which has pushed him on local and international stages as a solo artist or with his band, BASSKA.


Tickets: 30 lei before 00:00 / 40 after 00:00


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