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Berlin Room w/ Fictiv & Naidin @ Control Club

fictiv naidin control club

Berlin Room w/ Fictiv & Naidin @ Control Club

July 8 | 22:00


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Naidin is born in Craiova and grew up in a city with a big electronic music history. Starting to listen electronic music since the 90’s his style is influenced by all the genres he interacted with along the way.

His sets seduce the public with a specific sound being like real roller-coasters taking your emotions up and down. He loves long sets in which he can shift between genres combining minimal, deep dark minimal, breaks, house or maybe even electro-acid tracks depending on the mood, location or time of the party.

With his residency at Club 88 from Craiova but also playing already all over Romania and in countries as France, Germany, Uk, Serbia, Macedonia and Denmark, Naidin became a present figure on the Romanian scene.


Fɪctɪv, a representation produced by one’s imagination. It does not correspond to reality, nor does it have any real reference to it. It is a creation that represents an artistic universe imagined by the author. Or, in this case, the authors. Fɪctɪv is a confirmation that the twins do lead a double life. Francis and François decided to explore new depths with this project that touches down on minimal nuances and conjures the world in its totality, with no boundaries of time and space. It’s a journey with infinite variations in terms of matter, energy and information – its perpetual development is accompanied by nothing but state of the art musical subtleness,

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