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Acting workshop for teens

Meetings take place daily: Monday (4), Tuesday (5), Wednesday (6), Thursday (7) and Friday (8) July, from 17:00 to 18:30.

When talking about acting classes, people tend to think they are meant for those who want a career in acting. Most of them don`t realize how much they can develop while attending a course like this.

Socializing, self-awareness, imagination, spontaneity, better expressing one`s thoughts and feelings – these are the words that best describe what happens during an acting classes. The exercises were created to overcome certain limits, but in a natural way.

We’ll interpret texts, we’ll play improve games and we’ll do certain exercises meant to develop skills in a fun way. In my classes, I always try to make participants feel comfortable by creating a safe place. A creative environment in which their ideas will never be judged, on the contrary, they will be supported.

Sursa: Fundația Calea Victoriei


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