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A MASQUERADE – The MO CHITS – special guest: LAURA LACHER Trio


Join The Mo Chits and Laura Lacher Trio for a Mischief Night Masquerade on 30 October 2022.

The music starts at 5pm, but come early to cavort and mingle. Costumes and masquerade masks are strongly encouraged.

The Mo Chits bring jazz, punk, classical and singer-songwriter backgrounds together to offer music that veers from quick and stirring to halted and wobbly. Nonchalant bass meanderings carom off snare drum rushes and vocals weave shiftily in and out–always telling a story: a ruffian named Johnny, a jaded Jimmy, and a Jenny adrift; heady Indian locales; runaways, renegades and planes to Tokyo. These are the flecks that make up The Mo Chits.

Laura Lacher Trio or LLT is made up of Laura Lacher (vocals) Eric Murray (guitar and bass), and Josh Lacher (piano and bass). They play a fusion of neo soul, jazz, indie pop and alternative rock. LLT started playing together in December 2021 and their style is influenced by artists such as Norah Jones, Ella Fitzgerald and H.E.R.

50 Lei is the suggested donation. Proceeds from the show will go to benefit victims of the war in Ukraine.

RSVP: 0728843782

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