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Straight Edge Hardcore Punk Show w/ Escalate (HU)

Escalate -Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore- from Veszprém, Hungary just dropped their new EP right on time for a great banging night out based on a different experience that we might be used to.

This is a Straight Edge Show.

Straight edge is a movement that sprung in the 1980s in the hardcore punk scene. It was a manifesto against the way in which substance consumption, whether alcohol or drugs saturated previous countercultures as well as the punk scene. The idea of abstinence is at the forefront of resistance from either a personal, ethical or political standpoint against the harm caused by industries and drug markets.

Recommended donation: 20 RON

Doors: 19.00

Escalate 20.30

End 23:00

No Drugs and No Alcohol. No smoking, iqos shit or vaping indoors.

We decided to do this with the idea of having one night out where we are challenging our habits that always defer to alcohol or drugs whenever we feel anxious regarding the way we act and/or are being perceived in social contexts.

There will be no alcohol at the bar as we believe that a “clean” show or party should take into consideration that substance usage obviously refers to alcohol as well. If anyone wants to experience this, whether they are straight edge or not they are welcome. It’s a great opportunity to see what happens when there’s no substance involved for all of us. Please don’t get beers or other stuff from a nearby shop also. If you think this isn’t right for you, you can skip this one.

We’re gonna make great non-alcoholic cocktails, and have non-alcoholic drinks at the bar.

Let’s go wild with Escalate and still keep the fun in our dance moves, our interactions and discussions , enjoy the night, make it as memorable as any other and see what we learn from it.

No racism, sexism, homophobia or any other forms of hate allowwwed

Sursa: Filaret Șaișpe / Facebook


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